About Us & Our Approach

Family-owned and operated firm located in RVA.

About Us

Free Bridge Design Build is a family-owned and operated company located in Richmond VA. The principals of the firm—Kari and Heath Hyman—have nearly 40 years of experience in design, construction procurement, and project management. They both have a passion for functional and practical design and love watching a project start as a simple sketch and grow to a well-designed and built space that a family can grow in and enjoy for years.

Today Kari and Heath reside in Richmond along with their two children. They share a passion for Richmond and the renovation and restoration of its properties for future generations.


Our Approach

First and foremost as a couple and as a team, they work together to offer a simpler approach to your construction project.  From start to finish, our design-build method promotes a team environment where everyone has a seat at the same table.  This approach encourages open communication with purposeful collaboration between owner, designer, and general contractor, to deliver amazing outcomes. This simple yet proven method results in minimizing cost, streamlining schedules, and increasing construction efficiencies.